Pioneer BDR-211UBK


As little as I use my current optical drive, I debated whether to even add it. The fact is, sometimes I do need one, though rarely. I could have gone with an external drive, but those are annoying to keep track of. I opted for the Pioneer BDR-211UBK Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback.



Although it doesn’t support the older (S)VCD that I still have lying around somewhere, it does support quite a few formats.

Supported Formats

It looks like one might expect from Pioneer - covered in logos.



For this drive, I did choose to go with the anti-vibration shock absorbers.

Mounting Kit

You can see it puts a small gap between the mounting bracket and the drive.

Shock Absorbers


Connect a SATA3/6G cable to the motherboard.

Connect to MB

and the other end to the drive.

Connect to Drive

and.. make sure to attach power from the power supply.

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