Front Grill


Originally, I was going to split the various drive bays between the left and right side.

Once I say how little room was left after installing the reservoir, I thought I would just make the front left side of the case solid, to better manage the airflow through the fans.

Then I realized what a shame it would be to completely block the view of the reservoir.

I decided to put a filter-covered grill in front of the reservoir instead. This should allow it to still be somewhat visible while still protecting the case from dust. If it screws up my positive air pressure too much, I could always put some fans in that space - but I would rather not. I am hoping that a passive filter there would not reduce any gains from the 14 fans in push/pull configuration on the radiator. There is only one other fan for exhaust anyway.


Here you can see the CaseLabs Flex-Bay 120.4 (480) Fan/Radiator Mount and the matching Flex Bay Grill Dust Filter from DEMCiflex.



The filter doesn’t quite fit on the inside due to the lip at both ends - I just kind of forced it in.


There is no way to avoid the overlap we saw on the top of the case.


You are probably wondering why I don’t just mount the filters on the outside of the case instead of on the inside.

While it would make it a lot easier to clean them, which would be nice, it would also make them a LOT easier to be accidentally destroyed by my cats. I chose this route to extend their life.

It came with enough screws to use every other hole.


And with the front cover installed…


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