Malachi de Ælfweald

Senior Software Engineer/Architect

730 E Gloucester St, 97027, Gladstone, Oregon, US



Staff Software Developer - Android, Platform Engineering at TextNow

Cloud-based phone carrier that believes communication belongs to everyone.


Senior Android Engineer at New Frontier Nomads

The Nomads are a tribe who build world-class products and lean software development teams for early-stage start-ups and enterprise giants.


  • Nov 2018 - Dec 2018: Created an Android curriculum for teaching an on-site classroom.
  • March 2016 – Oct 2018: NFL Mobile and NFL Fantasy Football Android apps.
  • July 2015 – Jan 2016: Chico’s Android app. Trained internal Android team.
  • May 2015 – July 2015: Business development for ecoCR – working out requirements and expectations for their Android app.
  • Jan 2015 – May 2015: Vivoom's Android app. Trained internal Android team.
  • Sept 2014 – Jan 2015: NFL Now app for Android.


Biogenesis Software


  • see New Frontier Nomads

Principal Engineer at Upsight, Inc.

User lifecycle management platform


  • Co-Authored the merger of the PlayHaven and Kontagent SDKs into a new Upsight SDK. See [TechCrunch]( for information on the merger.

Sr. SDK Developer - Android at PlayHaven

Mobile gaming monetization platform


  • Redesigned their Android SDK from the ground up (supporting IntelliJ, Eclipse, Maven, Buildr, Ant, Grape, Grails, Leiningen, SBT and Unity)

Founder and Lead Architect at Golden Spiral Software, LLC

A front-end application for a niche social network


  • Was listed on Top 10 of Social Paid Apps on Google within 7 months of starting development.
  • Remained on the Top 10, almost without exception, until removed in May 2013.
  • When we left Google Play, we had 30k users driving over 3 million page views per month
  • Approached by multiple OEMs for permission to test our app on their hardware
  • Approached by multiple app stores for permission to host our app
  • Made as much of the app open source as we were legally allowed to when we shut the business down

Erisian Holdings, LLC

Spin off new business ventures


  • See Golden Spiral Software, LLC

Software Engineer/Architect at Sharp Labs of America

U.S. research and development (R&D) subsidiary for Sharp Corporation of Japan

This was my second time at Sharp Labs. During this tour, I worked for both the Consumer Systems and Technology and the Mobile Communication Technologies teams.


  • On the Consumer Systems and Technology team, I was focused on Remote Presence. I developed remote diagnostic and reverse control capabilities into tablets and for information display panels. I created the drop-in access nodes and GWT-based server software. I prototyped custom OEM tablets for carriers and vendors. I managed third party vendors; including NDAs, customs importation, deliverables and training.
  • On the Mobile Communication Technologies team, I was focused on creating OEM Android handsets for carriers. In this role, I modified the Android framework and applications to meet carrier specifications. This included some modifications down at the RIL, but was usually higher in the framework. I was also jointly responsible for setting up the vSphere build cluster, continuous integration, repositories and upstream merge plan with the parent corporation in Japan.

Senior Engineer / Architect at ARRIS International plc

A global leader in entertainment, communications and networking technology

My primary role at ARRIS was to implement the IPDR (IP Detail Record) collection into the existing ServAssure product line.


  • Architect and Implement the IPDR Collector
  • Co-authored integration of the IPDR Collector with the existing ServAssure product line
  • Helped setup and manage Subversion, Hudsun, Nexus and Archiva
  • Wrote Maven plugins to build Solaris prototype files and UML sequence diagrams
  • Created and Managed a Solaris ZFS/Zoned development server for the team
  • Compiled and packaged Linux software for use on Solaris
  • Assist with Change Management Migration from CVS to SVN and migrated the team from Ant to Maven
  • Taught class on Maven
  • Helped broker requirements agreement with 3rd party vendor and acted as their point contact
  • Worked with Sun on hardware diagnostics and resolution

Senior Engineer at Nike, Inc.

Design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services


  • Nike has a product that everyone from the footwear designers to the factory uses to communicate regarding the specifications, requirements, materials, comments, prices, et cetera. My role at Nike was to provide production support for the UI team on that product and to provide R&D on potential new features, interfaces and technologies.

Senior Software Engineer/Architect at Embellishments of the Imagination, Inc.


  • March 2005 to March 2006: Intel Corporation. This was my second time at Intel and I focused on software forensics of Apache Harmony, before it was contributed by Intel and IBM. Write in-house intelligent code analysis tools. Analyze 3rd party tools. Use GPLScan and BlackDuck. Analyze all code for originality and licensing.
  • March 2005 to Current: Triggerfinger Software, Inc. Prototype development. Beta version in AutoHotKey, Development version in Java w/ JInput and JNLP. PC-based keyboard/mouse replacement using XBox/XBox360/PS2/PC and built-in OLPC/XO controllers. MEDEVAC interface using Inter-4 Combat Controller
  • April 2006 to August 2006: ComPiere, Inc. Update existing J2EE(WebService) WebStore to be more interactive and customizable

Support Development at Freightliner, LLC

American truck manufacturer and a division of Daimler Trucks North America


  • Analysis, Refactoring and Development
  • Support Maintenance and Resolution
  • Peer Management
  • Co-Development of Standards and Practices
  • Development of Upgrade Procedures and Documentation

Senior Software Engineer at Sharp Labs of America

U.S. research and development (R&D) subsidiary for Sharp Corporation of Japan

This was my first time at Sharp Labs. I came back a few years later.


  • Software Engineering for Embedded Systems [Sharp OpenAquos LCD-TV]
  • Analysis, Refactoring and Development

Senior Developer at Temporal Wave, L.L.C.


  • GUI Design/Development for the FastBak network-backup utility
  • Design and implementation of add-on libraries for jBASE Software: JBCMQ, JBCSOCKS, JBCXML
  • JNLP-based Network TaskManager
  • Product Documentation for the GUI, add-on libraries, TaskManager and client projects
  • Autonomous Project Management for all Java-related products
  • Research of new products and libraries, including QA and Demo development
  • Tier2 Technical Support
  • Consulting to customers: ASP, MQ, XML, Java, Avaya

Developer at jBASE Software, Inc.

Leader in Pick MultiValue databases.


  • Migration of the jBASE system to Java
  • Expansion and maintenance of JavaOBjEX: Java interface to jBASE
  • Architectural Design and Implementation of new features
  • Design and Implementation of Networked Licensing System
  • Internal-tool (build/test tools) development
  • Research and Development
  • Maintenance of existing system for current customers

Java Developer at Intel Corporation

Semiconductor chip maker and technology company.

This was my first time at Intel. During this time, we were the first team focused solely on software.


  • GUI Development of Anaconda (Network Management Software)
  • Participated in Key Architectural Design and Decisions
  • Round-Trip Q&A Refactoring
  • Documentation and Internal WebSite Maintenance

Network Services Representative at Stream International

CRM and Support to Technology Companies.

I started as Tier 1 support for 3Com and eventually did Tier 3 support.


  • Technical Support for Hubs, Switches, RAS (even custom Robots) on DOS, Windows, Netware, OS/2, Unix
  • Network Management
  • Server Administration
  • Web site design/management/development
  • Production of in-house training materials
  • Technical writer for in-house and internet knowledgebase.
  • Support Services Representative
  • Technical Support for Network Interface Cards via EMail and Phone
  • Production of in-house web-based training materials



  • Production Assistant and On-Air host for Jefferson Public Radio
  • Prop Crew, Run Crew, Sound Run for SOU Theatre
  • Provided technical expertise to help establish KSOC, a Radio-Free SOU
  • Assisted various Student Organizations with their events (SCA, Hemp Club, French Club)
  • Assisted at the Ashland Teen Center
  • Sound Engineer for Juxtaposition and Coyote (bands)
  • Library Assistant for Shasta High School



  • Taught computer hardware troubleshooting and basic computer/software usage to two retail managers (Castle Superstore) and two real estate agents (Patricia Sprague Real Estate)
  • Taught HTML and C++ to a college instructor to assist in his recertification
  • Taught Java to a senior university student, to assist in his graduation
  • Taught Java, C++, Perl, HTML to an elementary student



  • Developed a RAS1500 Parser in Perl for 3Com customers
  • Web design for Embellishments of the Imagination, Sapo Productions, Foreign Language Department (SOU), Campus-Wide Information System (SOU), Cyberbia (Student Organization), Infostructure (ISP), Oceania (Political), Competitive Edge Marketing
  • C++ for Shasta College Computer Club and Moshos Marketing Enterprises

Technical Support


  • Technical Support for the Business Computer Lab (SOU Students & Faculty), Help Desk (SOU Faculty), Infostructure (ISP), Competitive Edge Marketing
  • Provided on-call technical support for students and faculty upon request by the Computer Lab (SOU) or the Administration (SOU)




  • Internship Manager for Infostructure (ISP)
  • President, ICC Representative and Founder for Cyberbia (Student Run Events, Student Rights, Coordinators for the Technology Resource Fund)
  • Academic Support Coordinator for the Globalwide Network Academy (MIT)
  • Provided on-call technical support for students and faculty (SOU)
  • Assistant Editor for Campus-Wide Information System (SOU)
  • Founder of SOU Community Council
  • 3rd Key for Castle Superstore providing employee management, accounting, liason to corporate, testing and interviewing, training, public relations, safe access and bank deposits
  • Computer Services Manager for Moshos Marketing Enterprises
  • ASSC Representative for Shasta College Computer Club
  • Co-Chair for the Board of Education and Board of Special Activities as well as Member of the Board of Finance for Community Adolescent Parent Services (United Way Organization)
  • Assistant Editor of the Shastology Magazine


Online Course in AI from Stanford


  • Advanced Track of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Sebastian Thrun, Ph.D. and Peter Norvig, Ph.D.

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Computer Science, Psychology, Writing from Southern Oregon University


Transfer in Computers and Electronics from Shasta Community College



Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges from Randall Publishing Co., Tuscaloosa AL

Certificate of Commendation from Southern Oregon University

For the impact on students and university policies


The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences by The OEIS Foundation

A224502: Prime numbers (together with one) whose representation in balanced ternary are palindromes.


at City of Gladstone


  • 2018-07-20 to 2020-12-31: Community Planning Organizations (Planning Commission representative)
  • 2015-01-14 to 2020-12-31: Planning Commission (Vice-Chair 2016-01-19 to 2020-12-31)
  • 2014-12-09 to 2017-12-31: Budget Committee (Vice-Chair 2017-05-05 to 2016-04-19)
  • 2017-02-25 to 2017-04-05: Council Rules Committee
  • 2016-02-25 to 2016-07-26: City Charter Review Advisory Committee (Planning Commission representative)
  • 2014-01-28 to 2014-07-31: Library Advisory Committee


Malachi was fantastic to work with and is an inspiring developer. Precise programmer who solves problems with elegant solutions. Malachi is a great team player, knowledgeable, professional, master of his tools. I'm glad I had the chance to work with such talent.

Julien Verfaillie, Senior Android Developer, New Frontier Nomads

I have known Malachi for several years and have learned many things from him and this most recent opportunity to work together is no exception. Malachi continually seeks solutions to enhance, improve or otherwise increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in the products that he designs and delivers. Malachi takes his responsibilities to heart and is very considerate of all factors that influence the final deliverable. I appreciate the time Malachi takes to ensure any deliverables that he may be working on are clearly communicated with expectations outlining what steps are needed to move forward to release. Malachi is also driven to automate the process up to the creation of the final deliverable (making my life and the release process much easier). I would welcome the chance to work with Malachi in the future.

Scott Worley, Release Engineer, PlayHaven

Malachi is one of the top engineers at Sharp. I have worked with him closely on two projects both of which were enhanced greatly by his recommendations for tools and his ability to integrate them into existing infrastructure. Malachi also has impressive experience with Java and the open source community. Also, he takes particular care at insuring that all edge cases are covered in his coding which speaks well to his professionalism and experience. He has been a valuable member of the teams on which we have worked together.

Will Hough, Software Engineer, Sharp Labs of America

Malachi is an highly qualified software engineer, with a solid grasp on Java, the language of the project we worked on together. I would gladly work with him again should the opportunity present itself, and recommend him, without qualification, to anyone looking to add a productive, self motivating, skilled engineer to their team.

Mark Hanley, Senior Member Technical Staff, Sharp Labs of America

Malachi is productive, a good problem solver and enthusiastic about his work. He's prompt and works hard to finish his tasks. It was a pleasure to work with him on the Android software development project.

Ben Gibbs, Senior Product Planning Manager, Sharp Labs of America

Malachi has worked with me for 12 years. In that time I have found him to be dependable and accurate.

Douglas Naimo, President, Triggerfinger Software

Malachi is a great problem solver and can quickly come up with an elegant solution taking advantage of the latest technology available. The solutions that Malachi comes up with are extensible and solid in design. Malachi has a propensity for finding answers to questions with very little effort which I believe lends itself to Malachi's innate ability to solving problems with technology. I would highly recommend Malachi to working with any team and would always be happy to continue to work with him in any capacity possible. Malachi will definitely add value to the bottom line!

Scott Worley, Senior Configuration Manager, ARRIS Group, Inc.

Malachi is an innovative, positive, focused Engineer and Architect; he brings out the best in people and is someone who handles pressure well while solving complicated problems. Malachi is an asset to any team he is a part of.

Justin Lacche (La'Kay), PMP, MBA, Program Manager 2, ARRIS

Malachi contacted me about a potential opportunity to transition work that he'd been doing at his client site, and with his guidance and involvement, the process went smoothly, satisfying both Semprian and our mutual client. Malachi was an excellent resource during the transition period and positioned Semprian to be quite successful in taking over the work.

Michael Van Kleeck, CEO/ Chief Consultant, Semprian

When a customer of mine had questions that were outside of my personal experience with software development, I asked Malachi for his advice and experience. Not only did he answer all the questions I asked, he also had the foresight to answer additional questions before the customer even asked. I can rely on his ability to come up with solutions to problems that I encounter whenever the need arises.

Brett Begani, Technical Sales Manager, GHA Technologies

Malachi produces great work every time we use his services. He is on time, on budget and provides creative software solutions to solve the problems he is asked to address. He is my first call for Software Engineering Services.

Douglas Naimo, President, Triggerfinger Software

Malachi entered the program toward the end to help complete the bug fixing phase. He came up to speed on the architecture and code base very quickly and was able to be extremely productive. He built excellent relationships with the team and other's respected his knowledge. Malachi was key to the timely completion of the project.

George Borden, Manager, Systems and Services Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation USA

Malachi is an enthusiastic developer who delights in finding innovative ways to improve upon designs and write new code. Temporal Wave was the second time I employed him, this time in a role which required a lot of self-motivation and drive, working on standalone projects that required him to come up with solutions on his own as much as possible, while fitting in with our small development team at Temporal Wave.

Jim Idle, Founder, Temporal Wave L.L.C.

Malachi was one of the first developers I employed at jBASE Software when we expanded our US operations. We were looking for people with excellent Java skills who could help us expand our flagship database product using the latest technologies. I found Malachi able to keep pace with all the latest developments, filter out the good from the bad and work out how to use them to our advantage with the product. Malachi is a really solid Java programmer!

Jim Idle, Chief Technology Officer, Temenos jBASE

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