BassCraft Mini Tube Cutter


To cut the tubes, I chose the BassCraft Mini Tube Cutter. It’s rated to be able to cut 1/8” to 1-1/8” tubes. That should handle anything I need to throw at it.


It’s pretty simple. Every couple turns, tighten it a little. Eventually it comes loose.

BrassCraft Pipe Cutter

The cut it makes is fairly clean. The slower you tighten it, the better.

It didn’t really seem to matter whether I turned it forward or back. Whichever is comfortable for you, I guess.


When holding a long tube, you can’t just rest the tube in it and tighten it, because the divet you need to set the tube into is on the side, if you lie it on a table. You’ll get used to the 3-handed juggle pretty quickly though.

Second, if it is angled at all, you get more of a corkscrew threading than a cut. That only happened to me once, and had me thinking of how I could use that to my advantage.

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