Since I couldn’t do ZFS, I needed a backup solution. I’ll be using Crucial MX300 drives in an ICY DOCK flexiDOCK MB521SP-B. While there were other docks that better utilized the space, this one does not require trays/caddies, making it extremely useful for the limited use case.



After opening it up, I realized I didn’t have any 3.5” bays or adapters.


Time to place another order with CaseLabs…


It took almost 2 months to get my order from CaseLabs. It was kind of odd actually. I ordered it in March. At the beginning of May, I asked them for a status update. They sent me a request (via PayPal) for an additional $30 without any explanation. I sent them an email asking what the extra money was for. I received no response, but my order came within the next couple weeks. Very odd.


Testing it out

I have not yet got CloneZilla setup (and just found out it doesn’t work with ZFS yet, which I have switched back to). I did drop a different drive into it just to make sure it could read it.

Putting the drive in took a ton of force. Way more than I was expecting. It honestly made me a little nervous…

… but the drive worked.

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