Pelican 1400


For backup (and limited disaster recovery), I will be using Crucial MX300 drives in an ICY DOCK flexiDOCK MB521SP-B.

I’ll be storing them in a Pelican 1400 case. I don’t have a fire safe and they are still stored on-site, so it is still not ideal disaster recovery. I would also like to give a shout out to 358 Studios that provided this video, where I got the idea.


The primary component is the Pelican 1400 case.

Pelican Case

And the Crucial MX300 drives. I’ll be using one to backup Linux and the other to backup Windows. Probably using CloneZilla.

The Drives

And then, to provide some reinforcement as suggested in this video, some Gaffer Tape.

Gaffer Tape


We first need to determine how the drives will best fit. I pulled the foam insert out of the case and flipped it over (it was slightly looser on the bottom).

I originally thought I would keep the drives in their OEM boxes, but as you can see, the box is way too large to be included.

Size Comparison

I removed enough foam to hold the bare drive. I also decided not to get too close to the edge.

Foam Removed

The foam goes all the way through. I originally thought they would be little cubes - bur they are shaped more like french fries.

To give it a little better padding, I placed one of the removed pieces of foam inside the bottom of the hole, length-wise.

Bottom Pad Added

Added some gaffer tape for reinforcement.

Tape Added

The drive didn’t come in any anti-static plastic. The foam was very staticy. I grabbed a ziplock bag from the CaseLabs build and put the drive inside it.

Drive Added

Repeat the process for the second drive.

There is a ton of room left for additional drives to be added.


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