Re-evaluating the Motherboard Tray


When I originally built the CaseLabs MAGNUM THW10, I discussed the fit of the motherboard tray.

This case is designed to easily slide the motherboard tray out and use it as an external test bench.

One thing that would have been nice is if you could have installed the test bench feet while still using it in the case. Instead, I had to choose one or the other.

Over the last two months, I have pulled the motherboard out of the case very often. I wouldn’t say during the install of every single part, but pretty close.

Now that I am getting close to installing the water piping, I think it is about time I take more concern in the stability of the frame. As such, I am going to screw the backplate to the case.

Of course, I can still remove it - but I’ll have to remove any watercooling to do that anyway.


Here’s what we have to start with:

Existing Fit

You’ll notice that it just rests against (close to?) the back of the case.

Remove the 4 nuts off the back (ie: the part touching the case itself). The screws are captive so you won’t lose them - they’ll just extend on a spring.

Screw the newly freed screws into the case.


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