PrimoChill RFB Rigid Tubing Finishing Bit


Instead of using the plastic camfer tool everyone else is using, I decided I would try the PrimoChill RFB Rigid Tubing Finishing Bit - 3/8in. ID x 1/2 in. OD. The videos looked good, but I found no references of anyone using the PrimoChill tool on Monsoon tubing - so we’ll see.


3/8 x 1/2 RFB

The astute reader would realize I ordered the 1/2in OD instead of the 1/2in ID… thus it does not fit my tubes. Everyone was out of stock on the one that does fit my tubes. So while all the reviews show it giving a perfect edge, I was not able to use it for most of the first pass on my build.

And then there were two…

I was, however, able to get the correct one in time to do the last two tubes in the first pass.

1/2 x 5/8 RFB


It’s pretty straight-forward to use. Put tube in hole, pull trigger.


Obviously you want to hold the tube level. I found that it was loose enough on my tubes that sometimes it was at a bit of an angle. If it is angled at all, it will actually create an edge rather than remove it. You can hear the difference when it is happening, so it is pretty easy to correct. I kind of wish the product came with interchangeable bearings on the end, so that I could choose one that fits my tubes better.

That being said, it still made nice ends rather easily. Less rough edges than using the camfer tool. Didn’t need to use the sandpaper at all. Cleanup was easier as you have ribbons of plastic instead of plastic dust.

In general, I am pretty happy with this tool.

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