Formatting Currency


I had previously been using various Google products to monitor my finances. Over the years, these products get slower and slower due to larger and larger amounts of data being graphed.

I decided to look into using Jekyll (offline) to manage the information instead.

One of the first issues that came up was money formatting. I had assumed it would be built in. Indeed, there is a jekyll-money plugin that could be used, if you only care about whole dollars.

I ended up finding this plugin which worked really well at adding the commas.

I wanted to take it a step further. Since I was only using it in an offline project, I didn’t bother making a gem out of it or anything - which is good for us here, because it means we can keep the number of required files pretty minimal for the explanation.

Making the Plugin

When making plugins for yourself, they go into the _plugins/ directory. If that directory doesn’t exist, create it.

Create the _plugins/money.rb file:

module Jekyll
  module Money
    def monetary(value, type="div", separator=",")
      readable = sprintf("%.2f", value.abs).split('.')
      readable[0] = readable[0].gsub(/(\d)(?=(\d\d\d)+(?!\d))/, "\\1#{separator}")
      if value < 0
        "<#{type} class=\"monetary monetary_negative\">(#{readable.join('.')})</#{type}>"
        "<#{type} class=\"monetary monetary_positive\">#{readable.join('.')}</#{type}>"


A couple things to note here.

First, I am using sprintf to convert the number to only use 2 decimal places for the cents. This is so that 123.4 would should up as 123.40 and 123.4567 would show up as 123.45. You know, like proper fiat currency.

Second, I am adding css classes to both the positive and negative currencies. I could have used some css child relationships, but didn’t want to risk something like ‘negative’ colliding with any other css plugin.

I am also allowing the caller to specify the html tag. I’m defaulting to div, but in my testing, there was one case where I wanted it to be span instead.

Styling the Plugin

I’m using Hydejack, which uses a _sass/my-style.scss file. If you don’t have it, create it.

.monetary {
  text-align: right;
.monetary_positive {
  color: darkgreen;
.monetary_negative {
  color: red;

We are right aligning all money, making positive money dark green and negative money red, using accounting style parens.

Like this:


Using the Plugin

Assuming you have some variable:

{% assign cost = 123.45 %}

Then you can get the behavior above by doing:

{{ cost | monetary }}

If you would rather have a span instead of a div, you can do:

{{ cost | monetary:"span" }}

This can be useful if you want to add a footnote, for example:


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