Wagner Furno 750 and Ironclad Heatworx

Heat Gun and Gloves


Of course, it’s been quite awhile since I did a build - and even then it was with flexible tubing. This time around, I needed to get some tools. I’ve decided on wearing the Ironclad Heatworx gloves.

For short durations, even extremely close up, they completely block the heat. Before I started using the mandrels, I found out how long they would keep the heat out. If your fingers start feeling toasty, give it a rest for a bit.

They are also quite comfortable. They have a textured grip and leather protection between the thumb and forefinger. The fingertips themselves also have additional protection.


To actually heat up the tubes, I chose the Wagner Furno 750. I know it’s overkill. I was going to do the Furno 500 for $40 - but then they would have tacked on shipping making the two very close in price. Some may argue that I don’t even need the 500, but since I have never done this before, I really like the idea of being able to tune in the temperature that works for me. With the 750, I will be able to do the same thing with the airflow. One of the things I like about both models is that it has a built-in stand which should make it easier to keep upright.

HeatGun Contents

The heatgun can be set digitally to your favorite temperature (as well as the fan speed). It also has a stand built into the case, seen here.

Heatgun Attachment

You will also notice the attachment at the top. The manual recommends that attachment for bending PETG, as it spreads the heat around the entire tube. I still rotate it, but I think that attachment has greatly reduced the time needed since the freehand attempt above.

I also couldn’t find anyone that gave an actual temperature for the heatgun. Everyone just says “low” as if that means the same thing across the board.

The manual made some recommendations, and I have (at least temporarily) settled on 350*F. My hands don’t get too hot in the gloves I mentioned and the tube starts to bend on its’ own.

Heatgun Temperature

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