Welcome to the new blog...

I’ve been using Blogger for about 13 years. There are 39 blogs there, segmented for specific purposes, like this Android one, this Server one, or this General one… It’s time for a change.

Knowing the difficulty of keeping up so many blogs, I’ll endeavor to keep them all organized here, but together. I have not yet decided whether I am going to migrate the old content over. Even the technical content is a bit out of date at this point, so I may not. We’ll see.

The new system is using Jekyll, Continuous Delivery, Markdown, et cetera. Not the WYSIWYG content and theme editing I am used to, but I still think it might be a nice change of pace. I wouldn’t be too surprised if you see it get a facelift here and there as I determine what I like.

Wish me luck!

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